How We Got to Now

Regrets from Paul Heins

I regret I won't be attending this reunion, I did a 20 day whirlwind trip just dropping in on people from my past all around the country last August. I'm always open for a mini reunion with anyone I ever knew. Everyday something reminds me of someone from my past. I live in San Antonio, Tx and if anyone lives within 10 hours let me know. I'd enjoy taking a ride with my two dogs just for a change in scenery and a coffee with someone from the past. We love Motel 6. My phone is 210-584-0802 feel free to leave a voice mail, text or email "" [reference CHS 71 in subject matter]. wish you all the best and by all means enjoy life "if life ain't fun, make fun of it".

Lynn Henderson Still Loves Cranford

I'd love to hear the "from then to now" stories of every one of my fellow CHS classmates....for now I'll just have to rely on second-hand stories from the reunion, as I won't be able to make it. I was all geared up for Labor Day...then planned a trip before I knew the date had changed. Life since then has been an adventure. Off to Boulder after graduation to attend the University of Colorado. Sounded like a plan, but a "party school" was probably the last place I should have chosen! Still, I must admit it was fun. Back to Cranford and a fresh start that lead me to work at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC and finally to a sales and marketing job with AT&T. Twelve years and one husband/two daughters later, I jumped into a career in residential real estate sales. Still at it. My wonderful husband, Vinnie, passed away in 2009....but left me with more than 35 years of great memories as well as our beautiful daughters, Margot and Gillian. My memories of Cranford are vivid. In my business, my new clients will often give me their "wish list" of the kind of town in which they hope to raise their children. It often starts with: "I'd like to raise my kids in a safe town with good where they can ride their bikes to the library or the sweet shoppe or the Saturday football game." I often look at them and say, "I know just the place." And then I smile to myself and again acknowledge just how fortunate I was to grow up in Cranford and attend CHS, Livingston Avenue and Hillside Avenue. Lots of fun...lots of great memories.

Bill Greenlaw Lands on His Feet

Even though I only went to high school in Cranford (having moved from long Island after 8th grade), when people ask where i'm from iI always say 'born on Long Island. went to high school in NJ'. Loved when the river froze and we could play hockey. Went in the Air Force after graduation, became an air traffic controller. Served 4 years and got out. I then enjoyed 4 lucrative, party-filled years as a bartender in Tampa, then got hired as a controller by the FAA. After a short stint of almost 2 years I, along with 14,500 other controllers, went on striike as a member of PATCO and was fired by none other than Ronald Reagan. That was perhaps the most significant life-altering experience i've had. After returning to Florida to exist as basically a beach-bum from 1982 to 1986 i met my 2nd wife and moved to MD. Cleaned up my act and became a fairly solid-citizen. Then we bought a house in PA. Somehow i have always been blessed to land on my feet and got a job as a mailman in 1989...retired in October of 2013. Now divorced since 2011, i have 2 kids and a 3 year old granddaughter, the latter who i am so fortunate to be able to spend almost every day with. I am still in Chambersburg, PA ...I have stayed in close touch with Mike O'Brien and enjoy running into various characters from Cranford every fall at Mike's grandparents' place in the Catskills. As Joe Walsh says..'life's been good to me so far..'

Marty Kane Felt it was a Good Preparation

I dealt with so many damn crazy people in Cranford, it prepared me to become a psychiatrist. (PS - it didn't take too many minutes into my training before realizing I was one of them.)


Jonathan Phillips Did Hard Time: K-12, in Cranford Schools

As we went to school in the 60’s and 70’s, a swirl of unbelievable current events, from the assassination of JFK, MLK, RFK, political protests and elections easily as interesting as today, civil rights reforms, to Vietnam, to landing on the moon were occurring. I feel we were blessed with some very astute and dynamic educators in our schools who provided the opportunity to guide us how to understand these events and how the world was changing, in addition to teaching us the 3 R’s. In many cases they brought out the best in us, in other cases of conflict, they provided the opportunity for us to learn how to deal with adversity and to discover who we really were. Today the issues and perspectives we grew up with have taken new directions. To many of us, the first chance to understand another culture in High School was made by picking a foreign language. Mine was Latin. I was told not to take it, it was a dead language, it couldn’t be used. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. I ended up taking 4 years of it! Latin taught me the structure of language, and as a bonus, revealed a society loaded with lessons filled with war, love, politics, oratory, and culture. Our teacher Mrs. Alldian made us memorize the first seven lines of the Aeneid, and said we’d never forget them….well here goes: “Arma virumque cano, Trojae que primis ab oris” (I forgot the other six, sorry Mrs. Alldian). But, I’d say it prepared us pretty well. Like many of our classmates, I attended Cranford schools from Kindergarten through HS graduation. I consider this more than a HS reunion. During the Cranford years I have made lifelong friends that I am fortunate to know, and hope to renew more friendships at our reunion. There is so much more I could write about careers, family, and life in general and how it all started in a small town along the banks of the Rahway River….but I’ll save it for when I see you.

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