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50th Anniversary Yearbook

We are creating a CHS Class of 1971 50th Anniversary Yearbook.  The new yearbook will be available in time for our 50th class reunion in October, and will include your original 1971 class photo, a recent photo (that you provide), whatever contact information you choose to share, and a bio (so we can catch up on what has happened over the past half-century since graduation).

Submitting your information is easy. Just click the button below to open the submission form, fill in a bit of information, select a recent photo of yourself, and click another button.

Even if you do not plan to attend the reunion, we hope you will submit your information.  Only those who submit information will be included in the yearbook.  Everyone who participates will receive a copy of the yearbook as a PDF.  The information you provide will absolutely NOT be shared with anyone other than classmates who participate.

Here is what a typical listing will look like: